Monday, April 20, 2009

Romance Rocking the Recession

Anyone catch Nightline on ABC News the other night? They ran a piece on Harlequin's 60th Anniversary and the success of romance novels during the Recession, and featured an interview with paranormal romance author Gena Showalter! Our CEO Donna Hayes is quoted as saying, "in the case of Harlequin, the must-have in the formula is that you must have a happy ending. Trials and tribulations as you date and break up, argue or all those things, but at the end you are going to be together with the love of your life and you are going to feel really good about it. So that's the key and that's why people love to read our books."

So what could be better in tough times than a little romance and the certainty that things will all work out? It's like comfort food for the soul.

If you missed it, you can watch the video online here and read the accompanying article that includes more quotes from Gena. The Romantic Readings by various celebrities are hilarious, I loved Wolfgang Puck, who was YOUR favorite?


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